How I live into a world (almost) without ads ?

Ads sucks.
That’s why there are none on this website, and also why I try to avoid them.
In my opinion, it’s an evil marketing stratagem to use human biases to write message in their mind without their consent.
I don’t feel attacked by ads, but I’m sure they have an impact on me.
They also push people to consume, in a world where we should reduce our consumption and focus on protecting our planet.
Finally, most of them are ugly.

Ok, here how I try to stay away from ads:

    1. Adblocker on all of my web browser : I use uMatrix on Chrome, it’s a bit neerdy, but I can control every script on every page
    2. DNS66 on my Android mobile phone to remove ads from applications and web browsing : it creates a local VPN that filters known ads URL
    3. Block ads on my Samsung smart TV
    4. Sponsorblock for Youtube
    5. ReVanced for Youtube on my mobile : A tool that create modified version of Youtube, Reddit, Twitter to remove annoying ads.
    6. Don’t watch TV, use others medias (Netflix, Disney,..)
    7. I pay my subscription to Spotify for my family, so no ads. (expect for the one in some podcasts..)
    8. In the car, if I’m listening to radio, I switch to another station if they broadcast ads, or just listen music from Spotify.
    9. I create a specific email system with my domain to manage potentials ads, that I don’t want to explain (security reason). It allows me to easily block emails (SPAM)
    10. I use my phone during ads period in the theater

In the end, it don’t remain so much ads, much harder to fight : billboards in the street, ads in newspaper,..

In the future, I’d like someone to find a solution for the annoying ads screen in the subway or in the street. (hack ? 🙂 )

Lunii Hack : Micro-USB to USB-C

The micro-usb port didn’t resist my kids, so they ask me to fix the Lunii (again)

As I had some USB-C port in stock (bought here), it was the perfect occasion to replace the old micro-usb with a brand new USB-C.
Others have done it, so I should be able to 😉

The goal was to be able to charge the Lunii but also to keep the computer connection available, so I had to do some test first.

Original micro-usb

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Removing the micro-usb port was not so easy, and I mess a little bit with the tracks, so I found a connection not so far away.

As my proof-of-concept worked well, I cut a small part of the board to glue the USB-C board and connect it.

The last step was to enlarge the hole for the USB-C port. As I glued it too much on the inside, I had to do a very large hole to accept the hole charger cable.

And the data connection is working ! Mission accomplished 😉


Ps: In the repair, I mess with the screen cable.. I have to find a new screen now :-/

Lunii Hack : Improve longevity of the Lunii

My kids have this wonderful radio called Lunii , a “story maker”. That’s great, but the battery is not big enough and I decided to take a look.

The standard battery is a classic 503035 that you can find anywhere on internet for a few euros. It’s a 3,7V – 500mAh battery.

Good for us, it had a big brother, the 103450, a 3,7V – 1800mAh battery. You can also find it easily on internet.

Replacing it was easy (make sure of the polarity of the battery before replacing it, red on red, black on black). I will do a 3d-printed box to maintain it inside the Lunii.

Opening the Lunii by removing 4 screws

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