How I live into a world (almost) without ads ?

Ads sucks.
That’s why there are none on this website, and also why I try to avoid them.
In my opinion, it’s an evil marketing stratagem to use human biases to write message in their mind without their consent.
I don’t feel attacked by ads, but I’m sure they have an impact on me.
They also push people to consume, in a world where we should reduce our consumption and focus on protecting our planet.
Finally, most of them are ugly.

Ok, here how I try to stay away from ads:

    1. Adblocker on all of my web browser : I use uMatrix on Chrome, it’s a bit neerdy, but I can control every script on every page
    2. DNS66 on my Android mobile phone to remove ads from applications and web browsing : it creates a local VPN that filters known ads URL
    3. Block ads on my Samsung smart TV
    4. Sponsorblock for Youtube
    5. ReVanced for Youtube on my mobile : A tool that create modified version of Youtube, Reddit, Twitter to remove annoying ads.
    6. Don’t watch TV, use others medias (Netflix, Disney,..)
    7. I pay my subscription to Spotify for my family, so no ads. (expect for the one in some podcasts..)
    8. In the car, if I’m listening to radio, I switch to another station if they broadcast ads, or just listen music from Spotify.
    9. I create a specific email system with my domain to manage potentials ads, that I don’t want to explain (security reason). It allows me to easily block emails (SPAM)
    10. I use my phone during ads period in the theater

In the end, it don’t remain so much ads, much harder to fight : billboards in the street, ads in newspaper,..

In the future, I’d like someone to find a solution for the annoying ads screen in the subway or in the street. (hack ? 🙂 )

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